Configuring an Account for Unattended Report Processing

You can configure a special account to use for unattended report processing (that is, to support subscriptions, scheduled report history generation, and scheduled updates to a report execution snapshot). This account is used for special-case reports that do not use credentials, which is an uncommon scenario for most reports.

To specify the account, use the -e argument of rsconfig. Specifying the -e argument for rsconfig directs the utility to write the account information to the configuration file. You do not need to specify a path to rsreportserver.config. Follow these steps to configure the account.

  1. Create a domain account that has access only to computers and servers that provide data or services to a report server.
  2. Open a command prompt: On the Start menu, click Run, type cmd in the text box, and then click OK.
  3. Type the following command to configure the account:rsconfig –e –m<computername> –s<sqlservername> –u<domain/username> –p<password>


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