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1.      Go to Central Admin 

2.      Go to Application Management tab

3.      Select SharePoint Web Application Management

4.      Select your web application 

5.      Select a content database

6.      Select your content database name

7.      Under Search Server – select your server

(if your search server drop down is disabled please follow the additional steps below)

1.      Go to 12 hive folder and open stsadm.exe utility

2.      Run the following command psconfig.exe -cmd services -install

3.      Then run stsadm -o spsearch -action start 

Difference between Explicit and Wildcard Inclusion

Explicit Inclusion includes only the specific path you set. Use explicit inclusions, for example, if you want Windows SharePoint Services to manage a specific path, such as /portal, but not any possible sites below it, such as /portal/webapplication.

Wildcard Inclusion includes any sites below the path you set, so you don’t have to add them individually. This is the type of inclusion to use for Self-Service Site Creation, when you want users to be able to create top-level Web sites underneath a specific path, such as /<sites>.


For example, using an explicit inclusion, you are saying that http://<site>/dept/ is a site collection without the possibility of any site collections below it; however, wildcard exclusion allows you to create site collections under http://<site>/dept/