Cannot delete a document library

Log in to the SharePoint Server and execute the Powershell script below.

$web = Get-SPWeb("http://YourSite")

$list = $web.Lists["Documents"]

$list.AllowDeletion = $true


You can now go to the Document Library and try deleting it or you can just run the line below.

Ghantt View Default Zoon


Add a Media ContentScript Editor Web Part and add the following code.

src=” type=“text/javascript”>
    $(document).ready(function () {
        var count = 0;
        setInterval(function () {
            if (count 2) {
                for (var i = 0; i 2; i++) {
                    if (WebPartWPQ2_JSGridController != null) {

        }, 100);


Delete the Records Center Web Service Submitters for* groups using powershell

You need to run the following script on every Site Colelction

$spWeb = Get-SPWeb “http://Webapplication/Sitecollection”
$spGroups = $spWeb.SiteGroups

Write-Host “This site has” $spGroups.Count “groups”

$groups = $spGroups | ? {$_.Name -like “Records Center Web Service Submitters*”}
Write-Host “Found” $groups.Count “groups which will be deleted:”

ForEach($group in $groups) {
Write-Host “Deleting” $group.Name “…”


How to change the password of SharePoint service accounts

  • Change the password in AD Users and Computers as you would normally.
  • Log in to the SharePoint Server
  • Launch SharePoint Management Shell as an administrator.
  • Execute the following:
$newpassword=ConvertTo-SecureString -String “password” -AsPlainText -Force
Set-SPManagedAccount -Identity $username -ExistingPassword $newpassword -UseExistingPassword:$true
  • This can take a minute or two to complete. There’s a lot to update here and these changes are intricate.
  • Now, open the Windows Server Services control panel on the SharePoint Server machine you are currently logged into, and then sort by the Log On As
  • Scroll down until you see the services having the server farm account (eg, spFarm).
  • For each of these services:
  • 1) verify that it is running;
  • 2) if its Startup Type has been changed to Disabled, change it back to Auto;
  • 3) if it is not running then start it;
  • 4) if on trying to start it, it prompts you for logon information, enter the appropriate logon info, including the new password, and then start it.
  • Go back to Central Administration and System Settings > Services on Server.
  • Start any service here that should be started but that stopped after you changed the password.

Control whether PDFs open in Word Web App or the default PDF reader

Other articles to check.

The following command will fix the situation, where PDF documents will always open in the default PDF reader, but previewing won’t work anymore
Get-SPWOPIBinding –Application “WordPDF” | Remove-SPWOPIBinding -Confirm:$false

The following fixed all my problems  Your PDF documents will be opened in the default PDF reader, the preview will work and Word Web App will present the PDF documents in the “embedview”.

Get-SPWOPIBinding -Action “embedview” -Application “WordPdf”| Set-SPWOPIBinding -DefaultAction