Security Tab missing in Project Server 2016 (PWA) Settings

By default security is managed by SharePoint. Use the following powershell command to change the permissions mode.

Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode -Url 'PWA URL' -Mode ProjectServer

Error “Unable to add application pool account to the Nintex Workflow database” installing Nintex Workflow

Make sure the form and workflow databases are created in Central Administration.

– Open SharePoint Central Administration and click on Nintex Administration
– Click on Database Management


Delete the Records Center Web Service Submitters for* groups using powershell

You need to run the following script on every Site Colelction

$spWeb = Get-SPWeb “http://Webapplication/Sitecollection”
$spGroups = $spWeb.SiteGroups

Write-Host “This site has” $spGroups.Count “groups”

$groups = $spGroups | ? {$_.Name -like “Records Center Web Service Submitters*”}
Write-Host “Found” $groups.Count “groups which will be deleted:”

ForEach($group in $groups) {
Write-Host “Deleting” $group.Name “…”